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Author(s): See IUPAC Document
Site Origin: IUPAC, UK
Title: Nomenclature and Symbolism for Amino Acids and Peptides
Description: Nomenclature ad Symbolism for Amino Acids and Peptides, many good references provided. The reference for naming amino acids.

Author(s): Ronald C. Beavis, Ph.D. and David Fenyo, Ph.D.
Site Origin: The Rockefeller University. New York, NY
Title: Amino Acid Properties
Description: One of the best amino acid information pages on the internet.  This resource is notable for it's simplicity, completeness and printable reference tables.

Author(s): Michael W. Davidson, Ph.D.
Site Origin: National High Magnetic Field Laboratory.  The Florida State University
Title: The Amino Acid Collection
Description: Stunning (licensable) micrographs of amino acids. Useful amino acid information included with each micrograph.  The author recommends arginine, breath taking, my favorite is valine.

Author(s): Charles S. Gasser, Ph.D.
Site Origin: University of California, Davis
Title:  Amino Acids
Description: Excellent amino acid site includes structures and properties
of amino acids.   Also included are CHIME 3D amino acid representations.

Author(s): Burkhard Kirste, Ph.D. 
Site Origin: Freie University Berlin
Description: Structure and properties of amino acids.  HTML documents presented in English and German.
Nice simple list of amino acids and structures linked to individual detailed descriptions of the amino acids.

Author(s): Compiled by Ken Mitchelhill 
Site Origin:
Delta Mass.  A Database of Protein Post Translation Modifications
Description: List of protein and amino acid post translation modifications. Listed in order of increasing and descending mass.




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