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Figure 2.

*note: of course Don Hunt's lab was using a Finnigan mass spectrometer or a mass spectrometer of their own design.  We were using a SCIEX API III at the time.



IonSource original art work from 91'




Important Safety Information: Triflouroacetic acid, formic acid, heptaflouobutyric acid and acetic acid are all very caustic reagents.  Acetonitrile,  methanol,  propanol and other solvents can present a health hazard use appropriate precautions.  Consult the material safety data sheets (MSDS) that come with these reagents and get the permission of the safety officer at you company or institution before performing these experiments.  Always wear the appropriate safety apparel; safety glasses, lab coat, and gloves.  Capillaries can shoot from the pressure vessel if not secured properly, wear safety glasses and safety apparel.  Refer to the safe operational guidelines supplied by the manufacturer of the pressure vessel before using.  Use a fume hood when appropriate.  Whenever dealing with the stationary phase (silica particles)  use an  appropriate hood since inhalation of these particles is a heath hazard.  If you are not trained in laboratory safety you should not attempt these procedures.  Read our disclaimer, follow the link at the bottom of this page. 



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