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The main reasons for you to explore Twitter

  1. There are so few mass spectromitrists on Twitter, you will nearly be the 3rd or 4th.

  2. You will learn a new way to communicate mass spec stuff.

  3. If you join twitter "follow" @IonSource and if it is obvious you are a science follower then we will follow you back.

  4. Basically if you say you like mass spec or science, then we will follow you back


What is Twitter, and how is it useful, is it easy, I don't get it?

  1. You will see and be able to pass short mass spectrometry notices.

  2. Do you have news about a MS related special deal or event ? Tweet it, i.e. "Free ion traps at XYZ company."  I want that tweet.

  3. You can access Twitter on your computer or on your phone or both very easily

  4. A Twitter account is easy to start and requires little to no personal information.
    Here is what the sign-up page looks like.  Simple.  You can use whatever name you like.  There is a @MassSpecCat  I expect his password is MeoW. Hope it's not.


  5. Is it that easy?  A cat has a twitter account.

  6. I don't get it?  You don't need to get it, start and see, and learn.

  7. IonSource hopes to create an interactive mass spec community.

  8. We plan to share information that might be useful to mass spectromitrists.


What will I see on Twitter if I follow IonSource?

  1. Tweets on Pharma, Biotech, and Mass Spectrometry News

  2. Job tweets related to the above fields.

  3. We will tweet the jobs we get from our friends even before they are public.

  4. News about updates to the IonSource website will be tweeted.

  5. Products that we use, and like will be tweeted. 

  6. If we go to an MS demo we will tweet what we see.

  7. Most likely if you follow IonSource we will follow you back.

  8. Tweet your MS problems and we may tweet back if we have an answer.


Will I be bothered by spam if I choose to follow IonSource?

  1. IonSource tweets will only be viewable on Twitter, and there will be no e-mail spam.  You can turn off e-mail notices from Twitter if you like.

  2. If you decide you don't like IonSource, stop following





Thanks for reading this and we hope you will join us on twitter

Do you think that we can really start an MS revolution? Lets try and see. Who knows?   Help us explore this new medium for mass spectrometry.

Hey what if we all said mass spec maintenance contracts are too expensive and should only be 5% of the instrument cost?  Come see what happens, spread the word.



Andrew Guzzetta / @IonSource






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